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  • 160 HP
  • 525 KG
  • 3.9 SEC
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  • 122 HP
  • 1150
  • V-TWIN
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who we are and our mission

Campagna Motors USA is a recently formed affiliate of Campagna Motors Canada Headquartered in NY State with the mission to dominate US market for high-performance trikes.  


Campagna Motors was founded by Daniel Campagna in 1988. Mr. Campagna was a mechanic for Mr. Gilles Villeneuve, a Formula 1 driver in the late 1970s. He began to design and build vehicles that were fun to drive and provided the performance that a racer was seeking. Mr. Campagna personally designed and handcrafted the first T-REX vehicle. By 1995 the T-REX was no longer handcrafted by Mr. Campagna himself and was factory produced.

In 2008, André Morissette and David Neault, through CIRBIN, Inc., purchased T-Rex Vehicules Inc. CIRBIN, Inc. then began doing business as Campagna Motors Canada. CIRBIN, Inc. had been developing the V13R since 2006, prior to its acquiring T-Rex Vehicules Inc.

Still, toady, we strive to build the world’s most exciting performance trikes and to remain the reference in the category.

cAmpagna motors traction

  • 150 units built yearly

  • 2000+ vehicles on the road

  • 20 years track record

bmw / harley davidson engines


  • 1988

    Daniel Campagna
    creates the Concept 3

  • 1994

    Paul Deutschman
    designs body

  • 1995

    Launch of the T-REX with
    Suzuki 1100cc engine

  • 1999

    T-REX with Kawasaki
    1100cc engine

  • 2001

    Entry into the US market

  • 2002

    T-REX with Kawasaki
    1200cc engine

  • 2003

    T-REX T/R with S&S engine
    (production of 10 units)

  • 2006

    Certification by
    Transport Canada

  • 2007

    T-REX with Kawasaki
    1400cc engine

  • 2007

    Debut V13R at
    SEMA in Las Vegas

  • 2008

    André Morissette and
    David Neault acquire
    Campagna and relocate
    the plant to Boucherville

  • 2009

    Entry into the
    Japanese market

  • 2010

    T-REX 14RR with
    Kawasaki 1400cc engine

  • 2011

    Launch of the V13R with
    Harley-Davidson engine

  • 2012

    Strategic agreement
    with BMW

  • 2013

    Launch of the T-REX 16S
    with BMW 1649cc engine

  • 2014

    Launch of the T-REX 16S
    with BMW 1649cc engine

  • 2015

    Launch of the 20th Anniversary
    T-REX Limited Edition
    with BMW 1600cc engine
    (production of only 20 units)

  • 2016

    Ontario makes 3-wheelers street
    legal and Campagna begin sales

  • 2017

    Equity Crowdfunding

team campagna

andre morissette president

André is a career businessman with more than 30 years of experience. In 1987, he co-founded 3-SOFT, a prominent player in the computer services industry, with revenues of $80 million and 150 employees at the time of its sale in 2005. His expertise for building long lasting business relationships with local and international partners stems from a degree from HEC Montreal and many years of dedication. André took over Campagna with David Neault in 2008.


A 40-year veteran of the motorcycle industry, Mike brings with him broad experience in operational management, distribution, sales/marketing, manufacturing and product engineering. As a consultant, he has continued to advise on acquisition strategy, foreign market entry and product planning. In more than 20 years as an executive at Harley-Davidson he served during the company's more turbulent period as it emerged from being a division of a conglomerate (AMF), to a private company (via an LBO) to finally being a publicly traded company on the stock market (NYSE).

Before coming to the USA and joining H-D, Mike has a successful engineering career in motor racing that included tow world manufacturers championships with jack Brabham.

alain batty, DIRECTOR

Mr. Batty is a former CEO of Ford Canada​, ​he has over ​3​0 years of ​senior executive ​experience ​with​ Ford around the world​. ​CEO and Chairman of ​various​ Ford organisations in ​North America, ​Europe​, ​Asia Pacific and Africa, M. Batty now, among other activities, serves ​on the ​Board​s​ of some ​world renowned universities and ​Business ​schools and has recently been ​appointed ​as a judge ​at​ the Commercial Court in​ Paris. With his ​international experience and expertise in the automobile industry, Alain can bring a lot of value to Campagna Motors USA.


Since 2013, the T-REX® is powered
by a BMW 1649cc inline
6 cylinder engine

  • 160 horsepower

  • 129LB-FT of Torque

  • 3.9Seconds 0-60 MPH

  • 129 MPHTop Speed

At four and a half inches from the ground, Campagna vehicles drive like a car with motorcycle performance, creating a user experience comparable to driving a formula car. The Campagna reverse trike design brings stability by combining a powerful engine with the lighter weight of a motorcycle, merging the two worlds together very eloquently. Campagna allows you to experience old roads with new fervor. The T-REX® has Bluetooth® technology, an Alpine sound system, digital controls, and even a reverse function.

Through its agreement with BMW®, Campagna has implemented a function to electronically control the torque delivery of the engine. This gives you the ability to adjust the behavior of the T-REX ® according to your riding style as well as road conditions. At the press of a button, you can switch on-the-fly to rain, road, and dynamic mode. With that, you can choose how your drive feels and truly control the performance of the vehicle.

A car with the heart of a

choose your ride


Torque is delayed and controllable for improved traction in slippery conditions.


Full engine power in combination with delayed throttle response.


Full engine power, immediate engine response, and more direct throttle response.


The American Muscle Trike
The V13R® Has a Genuine
1250cc v-ROD Motor

  • 122 horsepower

  • 1,150 LBS of Muscle

  • V-twin sound

  • 130 MPH top speed

With it's Harley-Davidson® V-Twin sound, the V13R® delivers thousands of miles of comfortable and enjoyable road adventures. join the few exclusive owners and stand out from the crowd with this enique roadster

This vehicle has all the driving quality of our well-known T-REX, but it offers a style much closer to a roadster, which should please a whole new category of clients. Over the years, we have realized that there was a demand for a new model, something different and more classic than the T-REX. With the V13R, we know for sure that we will surpass all expectations.

David Neault, VP



  • With my 6’2” and 330 pounds, it is very hard for me to find a vehicle that is exotic and comfortable. What I like about the V13R is that on top of offering a killer look and room for my legs, it has a powerful Harley Davidson’s engine!

    Hugo Girard,
    “The Determinator”
  • The T-REX is as pure as any machine on the road today. It’s nearly as fast as a Nissan GT-R from 0 to 60, but weighs less than half that of a Mazda MX-5, a car the T-REX out-powers. Do the math. That is one awesome power to weight ratio.

  • Without a doubt, the three-wheel Campagna T-REX 16S is one of the most fascinating vehicles I have ever driven.


the opportunity


The world leader in performance trikes expand its us operations.

The trike market is expected to grow by 13.8% annually through 2020, and Campagna Motors is well positioned to benefit from that trend and grow as the leader in three-wheeled side by side vehicles. We want you to partner with us as we aim to open our first Campagna Motors store in the United States and build a new manufacturing facility to meet our production goal of 2020. North America and Europe comprised 90% of the trike market in 2015 and that dominance is expected to continue and Campagna Motors is well.

The funds raised from this campaign will go directly towards developing the channels to break into the market through the following efforts:

  • Establish network of multiple Campagna Boutique / corporate stores across the USA
  • Grow the network of franchised dealers across the USA.
  • Our stores and franchise will be able to do sales, service and short term rentals and leasing.


Introduce a new Campagna vehicle at a price point around $30,000 to appeal to the US market and those interested in three-wheeled vehicles.

Our passion for quality craftsmanship, sleek design, and an exhilarating driving experience makes Campagna a company you can believe in. We welcome all investors to dig in and take a look at what we have accomplished. Whether you are a first time investor or a seasoned pro, we want to give this opportunity to those who wish to be a part of the Campagna family.

With around 2,000 of our three-wheelers currently on the road, we invite you to join the ride by investing in Campagna Motors USA.


Campagna motors USA will locate a new, state of art factory of around 100,000 sq.ft. in the US for the assembly and production of its new model vehicle and distribution of the existing Campagna vehicles. This facility with integrate the processes implemented at the canada factory and integrate new manufacturing and automation processes to be able to ramp-up production efficiently and generate more volume while reducing the cost per unit.


Think outside the box, be bold, be different. That’s what drives us and our product innovation strategy. We create unique vehicles for extraordinary people. Are you ready for the ride? 

An investment like no other. 




Since 1988, we have expressed our leadership and expertise at creating products that defined their categories. By merging an exciting design and unique and exhilarating performances in each of our vehicles, we deliver on the promise of exceptional driving experience. Continuous improvement on what makes our vehicles so special ensure our leadership in the three wheelers market place.


Campagna Motors USA is the exclusive distributor for the USA for the T-REX and V13R with the mission to expand the dealer network and create the new lower entry vehicle to be build in the USA.


Each vehicle is built by hand by experts over 40 hours to the highest of safety standards. Interested trike consumers look to the safety level provided by three wheel vehicles that offer better control and stability. Passengers and drivers traveling on trikes are safer than those on two wheeled motorcycles.


There are around 2,000 of our vehicles currently on the road. We would like it to be 10 times that amount. Investing in Campagna Motors means we can set up stores, create new models, create more jobs, and expand our efforts in the USA.


With the goal to complete Project Comanche, a new entry-level model for the US, Campagna vehicles will be more affordable and accessible to new trike consumers and will increase sales traction across the states.


Fans of our brand feel connected to the V13R and T-REX. Our vehicles allow a driver to be seen, to become the most exotic person on the road. Owning a Campagna vehicle is being part of a club all in its own whether you cruise in the Harley-Davidson powered V13R or hold on tight to the BMW powered sporty T-REX. These vehicles exude personality and a lifestyle that you get to experience in a way not many get the chance to. Because of this, Campagna Motors is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle and more and more drivers are looking to join in. We welcome you and encourage you... because you can.


The quality components that we use in our assembly have a proven reliability and ease of maintenance. You can be assured that you will enjoy a mature vehicle. Quality is essential, this is why each vehicle is hand built and goes through an 18 steps assembly process. Top of the line engineering and strict quality control procedures are applied in each vehicle build-up.


We constantly aim to improve power to weight ratio in our vehicles to better improve performance and driving experience on the road. Campagna vehicles are uniquely compact, light, agile and powerful.

the market

global trike market
projected growth

Source: Technavio

trike market in north america (Thousands of Units)

Campagna Motors is committed to producing and supplying high-performance trikes and it has succeeded in creating a niche market for itself. It does not complete with other vendors in the trike market due to its unique offerings that are in direct competition with high-end cars. Campagna's trikes offer performance similar to cars priced five times higher than Campagna's products. Therefore, we except the firm to be key player in the trike market and it should grow steadily in its niche market..


the master plan

According to the Global Trike Market Report by Technavio, North America made up the majority of trike sales across the globe at 61% during 2015. Also an increasing number of female drivers and access to trikes through local vendors will serve as the main drivers of market growth. In preparation for this market, Campagna Motors aims to produce a new vehicle with a lower price point to attract new trike enthusiasts and take a piece of this growing market trend. Beginning in the US, this one of a kind vehicle will follow the same expert engineering and manufacturing processes with some changes in materials and <chrome_find class="find_in_page">specs. resulting in a lighter and more affordable Campagna vehicle.

Campagna plans to offer the existing vehicles and its new vehicle for sale through a network of corporate boutique stores and dealers across the USA.

New vehicle: Introduce a low entry vehicle, with the Campagna signature DNA (light, agile, powerful, unique and different) to address the entry level market place.

Priced at around 30,000$, this vehicle will be manufactured in the US at the new Campagna USA manufacturing plant.

Channel Growth: Establish a network of Campagna boutique stores and dealers across the USA to sell, rent, lease and service the complete line-up of vehicles.

usa & canada dealers and stores

Take the lead in the US Market: Through it’s new network of Campagna Boutique and franchised dealers in the US and the introduction of the lower entry model, Campagna Motors USA aims to be the leader in the US Trike Market.

US Plant: Campagna Motors USA is to eastablish a US assembly palnt for the low entry model. Several locations are being reviewed for the 100 000 sq.ft plant that will assemble the next generation vehicles and be the mail distribution center for the existing trikes


Designed with the core principles incorporated in all Campagna Motors vehicles; lightness, power, precision handling. The new, entry level vehicle will be manufactured by Campagna Motors USA in our new US factory.

the factory

Campagna Motors USA will locate a new, state of the art factory of around 100,000 sq. ft. in the US for the assembly and production of it’s new model vehicle and distribution of the existing Campagna vehicles. This facility will integrate the processes implemented at the Canadian factory and integrate new manufacturing and automation processes to be able to ramp-up production efficiently and generate more volume while reducing the cost per unit.

Many locations are under evaluations but the final location for this facility as not yet been finalised at this time.

Campagna Motors USA is presently headquartered in an industrial complex in Champlain NY and will use these warehousing facilities until it has finalized its location for the factory

Investor Perks

To encourage participation in the offering, the Company is providing specific perks for investors. The Company is of the opinion that these perks do not alter the sales price or cost basis of the securities in this offering. Instead, the perks are promotional discounts on future purchases of the products sold by the Company, or a “thank you” to investors that help the Company achieve its mission. However, it is recommended that investors consult a tax professional to fully understand any tax implications of receiving any perks before investing. The Company anticipates that the perks for this offering are as follows:

Rebate on T-REX signature edition package*         $2,500 $5,000 $10,000 $20,000 $50,000
Rebate on lower priced model   $100 $250 $500 $1,500 $2,500 $5,000 $7,500 $15,000
Discounts on merchandizing 10%  10%  15%  15%  15%  15%  15%   15%  15%
Free Special T-Shirt
Free Special Hat  
Free Special Jacket      
VIP Experience                  
Factory tour  
VIP Factory tour      
Rally participation        
VIP Weekend**            
Campagna Owner's Group                  
Invitation to Annual Party
Free Membership    


The Company estimates the cash value of the t-shirt to be $8, the t-shirt and hat $15, and the jacket to be $80. Additionally, the Company estimates the cash value of the VIP factory tour to be $20, the VIP tour plus the attendance at the Company’s rally to be $520, and the VIP tour plus weekend to be $2,250. The Company further estimates the cash value of the annual party to be $50.

During the course of the offering, the Company reserves the right to alter the above identified perks connected to future purchases of vehicles and merchandise. Any changes made will not change the perks that have already been earned by investors. Investors will be notified of any change to the perks in the Company’s offering information posted on the Company’s online offering page accessible through

* limited to 10 units worldwide, includes the T-REX 16S P// serialized, art frame with serial number match and special watch, special jacket, hat and shirt.

** Includes air-fare for 2, two night stay, vehicle rental, one VIP dinner and transportation to and from the airport.